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Thanks to it's appealing design and entertaining game play, The Word Search has quickly become one of the most popular and reviewed Christian mobile games in the iTunes app store and is now being introduced to Android markets.

What makes The Word Search unique from other mobile word search games on the market is the level of care and attention that went into designing the visual appeal and game play of our app. Players are drawn into the game with a short opening video setting up a narrative that they need to help Samuel the printing apprentice un-jumble words for his Bible. The layout and design of the game reinforces this narrative by making the menu screens look like pages and the puzzle boards like type-set letters. The game is fun for all ages with easy, medium, difficult, and expert levels. Special touches, including having words appear in irregular patterns on the harder levels, tapping words in the word bank to get their definitions, and bonus trivia questions, add layers of enjoyment and engagement.

We searched through countless game developers to find one that understood our vision and would work with us to make the best app possible. MobileProgramming exceeded all our expectations. They went beyond routine programming tasks to find innovative ways to create the functionality we were seeking. Their team is responsive, professional, and easy to work with. We could not be happier with the finished product. But you don't have to take our word for it about the great work they've done, just check out all the testimonials from our 2,000 5 start reviews on iTunes.

Rachel JohnsonAssociate,The Eleison Group Programs Director, American Values Network

Total Marketing have been working with Madhur and the team for over 6 years. What I love about MobileProgramming, is how responsive they are, all my requirements or either completed within 24 hours or at least acknowledged.

Ray GiridharanFounder Total Marketing

If you outsource at all, you know the frustrations that come along with the process. As the saying goes: "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince." I have been outsourcing and hiring freelancers for over 8 years and I have kissed my share of frogs. That ended in late 2011 when I found the MobileProgramming team. I hired them first to do a fairly simple WordPress migration and have since used them for everything from minor site tweaks to full scale corporate web site construction, now totaling nearly a dozen projects.

Here is what I have found no matter the size of the job: MobileProgramming first and foremost is a professional organization run by professionals with a staff of professionals throughout the organization Their communication skills are of the highest quality, which for me is very near the top of my list of qualifications. Their work is always on time, it is done right and their pricing is more than reasonable. I have never been disappointed in the services MobileProgramming has provided.

I understand the difference between price and value. If you are looking for the lowest possible price, you will get exactly what you pay for. However, if you are looking for the best possible value then MobileProgramming is the first (and last) place you should look.

I want to thank everyone at MobileProgramming for their continuing excellent service as I look forward to many more successful collaborations with the MobileProgramming team.

Michael Remillard

Our app was developed for iOS and Android in a very timely and professional manner. The project manager and his team were always available and friendly. Very competitive prices for the market too. I would recommend MobileProgramming.

Blanco MonterrubioMiriam

MobileProgramming has done a really good job with the different games I wanted to create. We've been working together for a year now and we will keep going that way.

Alex Henry

MobileProgramming is a great company to work with. They are very professional and responsive to our needs for app development. Great technical skills and very friendly. Would highly recommend.

Kym Tolson

MobileProgramming delivered an Android and iPhone application in a reasonable amount of time and a very competitive budget. They acted professionally in responding to my concerns. I will be using them in the future for other projects.

Norbert Weissinger

I have been working with Madhur and his team for 8 months now and I am very happy with all the work accomplished so far. The team is committed, respectful of deadlines and always willing to find the adequate solution.

Marco J. Cervinvest

I have been using Freelancers for over 5 years and I have never experienced the incredibly high level of quality as I have with Smart Buzz. The MobileProgramming team truly delivers the \"total package\" I believe their level of expertise to be unmatched as well as their ability to understand my needs and to adapt to changes during a project. Combine that with their dedication to constant and thorough communication and you have a team that is more than just an outsource. You have an entirely new department working for you. I can\'t say enough about MobileProgramming except that I no longer need to search out a different Freelancer for each project. They are my go to source - Bar none

412 Media

Very happy with the quality of the work completed for me. Very responsive to my requests with the work being performed in an extremely timely manner. Would be delighted to work with MobileProgramming again in the future.

Richard LaneInner west

Excellent working with them, professional outfit. I had a small problem with the job and they fixed it immediately. I will definitely be hiring again. Thanks!

Nigel SchulzeSchulze & Assoc.

>Excellent work once again. Pleasure to do business with MobileProgramming. Looking forward to giving more work to this team.

Damian CoxCOXTECH.

MobileProgramming was very easy to work with - Team was always available and will keep working until all the needs were met/exceeded. Charges are very reasonable and will complete the job always under time and budget. If you need a guy who can do everything as well as manage the task then this is your man! I will be a reference for MobileProgramming any time.

Sebastian JacobsMD OutingsGuide.

“Great company to work with, extremely responsive and capable. I will work with Jagdeep and his team again and happily recommend their services.”


Thank you for all your help in such a short deadline too. Will work with you again on future jobs. Talk soon!

Jovillar Web Design

After a long and detailed vetting process we selected to build our iOS app. This process included looking at developers from the US and around the world. Based on our initial proposal, client references, product examples and conversations with staff, proved to offer the highest quality and diversity of work experience at the best investment value.

Having worked in other software development environments in the past, I realized that communication is critical factor to successfully completing a project and I have to say that the team at were fantastic in this area. Whether it was in discussions with their business and sales personnel, project managers or development leaders, I found everyone to be professional and knowledgeable. They were easy to understand and seemed to always understand the communication coming from my end. They were quick to jump on a call or IM to discuss complex issues and better ways of accomplishing our feature set.

They were always timely in the completion of milestones and any delays in the were caused by my own team making minor changes as we progressed. They approached every change with an open mind and willingness to please. It was obvious they were a team that had been through this process many times in the past and had worked with challenging teams.

The output and work quality was fantastic and I look forward to working with them to add additional features to this current project. We also plan to use on future projects, including one that is already in the initial planning stages.

Shawn Huston Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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