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Your information is secure with MobileProgramming

Non Disclosure Agreement

MobileProgramming understand your business ideas are confidential, whether that's patent, is more valuable than your physical assets. You must want to turn your idea into project, business or product. In MobileProgramming, your information will remain closed under the table as we believe in high ethics. If we had a reputation for sharing proprietary information, we wouldn't get too many clients knocking our doors.

How your information is secure with MobileProgramming:

  • We prefer NDA signing before exchanging business perceptive information. It gives you assurance of confidentiality.
  • Our every employee has signed a Proprietary Information Agreement and NDA with us, to pledge their fidelity. Employees can't involve in any other activity/business during their employability with MobileProgramming.
  • Finger print based access control to office premises and server rooms. Only authorized officials are allowed to use server rooms.
  • Security firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access. Removable media (CD/DVD/Pen Drive) is strictly not allowed in development floor. Fire protection systems with alarms are installed as per requirements.

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