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Mobile Commerce

The new age customers desire for empowerment, with the mobile technologies to enhance their shopping experience. The rising sales graph of tablets, mobiles and laptops is a sign that the customers are willing to take full advantage of the technology revolution. The statistics clearly signify the increasing mobile customer base. Thereby, making m-commerce application solutions essential for your company to attain competitive advantage.

MobileProgramming m-commerce solutions changes the dynamics between the buyer and seller with the advanced m-commerce services.

Our m-commerce application solutions extends the reach of your company to the customer everywhere and all time through their mobiles. They can browse your online catalogs, receive your promo emails and personalized marketing promotions, compare rates and make safe transactions. MobileProgramming m-commerce applications, open new channels for your company to promote personalized marketing campaigns and provides you with a new medium to sell products.

Benefits of m-commerce application solutions:

  • Instant connectivity
  • Convenience and ubiquity
  • Generating new revenue opportunities
  • Easy to implement customer interaction
  • Enhance the customer experience with cross channel selling

Features of MobileProgramming m-commerce application solutions:

  • List of stores
  • Geo-location
  • Product listing
  • Inventory availability
  • Secure transactions
  • Personalization and localization
  • Customization
  • Reliable and proven
  • And more!

Our applications ensure the resiliency required for today’s m-commerce infrastructure.

The increasing mobile customers and the rapid adoption of online commerce have shifted the marketing scenarios from e-commerce to m-commerce. MobileProgramming assists various industries to develop m-commerce application solutions to increase their reach and revenue by multiple manifolds.

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