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Mobile App Analytics

While building a mobile app, a lot of hard work is involved in building strategy, designs and feature. But, the key to measure the value of all the hard work is to measure the analytics of the app. With a good app data you can monitor your app performance. It helps you avoid any costly mistakes.

MobileProgramming mobile app analytics give you a deep insight & real-time visibility of your app performance. You can abstract the data from the analysis and know what features of your app are being used the most or where you need to improve your app to provide a compelling experience. Furthermore, you can utilize the analytics app to, understand user behavior, application usage and continue to refine your application.

MobileProgramming mobile app analytics offers:

User Analytics

Track the number of users. Get the status of new, active and all the users over time. You can analyze the user count by geography over a specific time period.

Custom Events

You can track any action taken by your application. Capturing custom event gives a deeper insight and assist you in making informed decisions.

Session Analytics

Measure the engagement periods. Get the data for total session, average session over a specific time period or location.

MobileProgramming app analytics keeps you informed, when your app is being downloaded or used, also you get to know, which feature of your app is good. Thereby, studying this data can help you in making informed future investment decisions.

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