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  • Scout My Kid

    Scout My Kid are here to help Player Features: -Create your own Football profile. -Added age group filter in scouted player's list in Academy section.

  • Glamm Closet

    Glam Closet is a lifestyle app that allow users to hilts items in their closet. The owner as well as friends can view, like and comment on each item or on a particular outfit.

  • Glamazon Consumer

    Glamazon has relaunched expanding our offering to deliver professional beauty services to the doorsteps of women and men all around Australia!.

  • Glamazon Stylist

    The Glamazon ‘Stylist’ app is the only app destination for mobile beauty professionals to showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business.

  • Story Compass

    This app is a writer’s utility that guides you through the structure of a screenplay. It consolidates multiple paradigms (structural models) into one cohesive interface for an easy one-to-one comparison of theories.

  • Location based Contractor

    Prompt, Guaranteed and Careful. Service Techs North America - The plumbers plumbers.

  • Location based Client

    Prompt, Guaranteed and Careful. Service Techs North America - The plumbers plumbers.

  • Paw Alert

    PawAlert app is lost and found app developed for people who have lost their pet or found someone’s pet.

  • Spinning Pizza

    Introducing America Luigi's Spinning Pizza. Collect as many correct ingredients as you can with a Spinning Pizza, but watch out for the fans!.

  • Kippin

    KIPPIN: The Rubik’s cube has finally been solved; simplicity is now in the palm of your hands.

  • Donafy

    DONAFY allows you to notify and donate to nearby nonprofits that service people in need of housing, food, medical care, mental health or job assistance services.

  • Qwerk It!

    Scanning a QR code is quick and easy with the "Qwerk It!" app. It can display a message or take you to a website when you hover your device's camera over a QR code.

  • Upstairs DownStairs

    Looking for products or services to do with your home and lifestyle - all the latest information about interiors and lifestyle are available on the Upstairs Downstairs App. 

  • Mass text Scheduler

    Future alert prompt & scheduling of mass group SMS texting​ for the iPhone. Ability to create custom groups, e.g., for your sports team participants/members if you are a coach, or if you are a band, and you tour.

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